Azure Yacht Group has been established to build an innovative line of hybrid electric/diesel fast day-cruising yachts that are designed to be environmentally friendly, energy efficient, luxury and comfortable without sacrificing range or performance.

Blending Green Innovation With Performance, Comfort and Design

Jul 2017
Jul 2017
First Idea of the Hybrid Yacht
First idea was born in Italy to build hybrid-electric boats that are now navigating on lakes and channels across Europe.
Dec 2017
Dec 2017
Team putted together and first sketches and design were born
With the help of a well-known naval architecture studio in Italy, first designs of day-cruising boat eMotion 36 where created.
Jan 2018
Jan 2018
New prototype boat construction started
This is where things started to shape in and where major experience obtained. This step showed a lot of things to consider in production lines.
July 2018
July 2018
New prototype boat splashed for the first time, interior fitted
The excitement of splashing the first boat is always filled with emotions and challenges.
Jul 2018
Jul 2018
Systems tested and evaluated
After multiple hands on tests, we got our first experience with hybrid systems, batteries, modes, performance and ergonomics.
Oct 2018
Oct 2018
Fort Lauderdale Boat show presentation, first feedback received
This is where we got great feedback from clients that where ready to order.
June 2020
June 2020
Rebranding and opening a company in USA
As we studied market, got some feedback from our customers and investors, there was a decision made to do rebranding and form a corporation in US - Azure Yacht Group.
Mar 2021
Mar 2021
Our fundraising round started
We started our fundraising campaign participating on the fundraising events and reaching out to investors and partners.
Ability to navigate in electric mode without noise, fumes or vibrations in channels or environmentally sensitive areas, and to run all appliances for an entire day without the need for a generator, greatly improving comfort on board.
No loss of performance in diesel mode, allowing expedited reach of even remote destinations or escape from adverse weather conditions in complete safety without "range anxiety".
3+ hours of range in pure electric mode at speed up to 9 knots and more than 24 hours of auxiliary use with just batteries and solar panels.
All our yachts are designed and built to the highest standards with strong attention to detail, making each of them unique and technologically advanced. Interiors are functional, versatile, and highly customizable.
Eco Friendly
In addition to the ability to navigate in pure electric mode in environmentally sensitive areas and to anchor without the need for a polluting generator, all paints, adhesives, interior coating materials, and fabrics present zero environmental impact.
We focus on innovative engineering, geometry and energy efficiency. We constantly research and test new products to include the latest and greatest features available.

Ego 36
We are excited to present our prototype boat that proves our experience, expertise and capabilities
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